Forage Seed

Haygrazer ALFALFA

  • A standout dual purpose sunken crown variety which handles wetter soil types and livestock grazing.
  • Haygrazer produces hay yields very similar to the average alfalfa variety.
  • Haygrazer should be used in pasture or dry hay rotations.

Geseco Brand ALFALFA

  • Two unique fined stemmed general seed alfalfa varieties blended together.
  • Multiple disease resistance for all major diseases.
  • Very quick regrowth for repeat cuttings.

Specialized Hay Mixtures

A1 Hay & Pasture Mixture

  • Mixture for farmers who take one cut then pasture, or hay for a few years then pasture.

A2 Mixedland

  • Rolling fields with high and low spots

A3 Lowland

  • Mixture for poorly drained fields

AG1-5 Alfalfa Grass Mixtures

  • Unique mixture which includes different GS Alfalfa varieties which include: Treasure Timothy, Tundra Late Orchardgrass, Yukon Tall Fescue, Intrada Tetraploid Per. Ryegrass, Nabucco Italian Ryegrass, Carlton Smooth Bromegrass.

AG 6 Low Pottassium Hay Mixture

  • Hay mixture for dry cows, or for farmers who want pure grasses for longer than 2 year rotations.

Organic Seed

  • Organic Alfalfa, Timothy, DC and SC Red Clover, Y.B. Sweet Clover, Aisike Clover, Toronto Perennial Ryegrass, Fabio Italian Ryegrass, Orchardgrass, Tall Fescue, Meadow Fescue

Specialized Pasture

  • P1 Permanent Pasture Highland
  • P2 Permanent Pasture Lowland
  • P3 Sheep/Goat Pasture
  • P4 Horse Pasture
  • P5 Pasture Renovator

Specialized Grasses

Treasure Timothy

  • Yield with excellent regrowth which is unmatched
  • Consistency winning most published trials for yield and regrowth year after year
  • Medium Maturity

Tundra Late Orchard Grass

  • One of the very latest maturing varieties on the Canadian market
  • Exceptional Winter Hardiness
  • Canadian Bred Variety

Yukon Tall Fescue

  • Drought tolerant variety with exceptional winter hardiness
  • Endophyte free variety
  • Canadian bred variety

Intrada Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass

  • Very high levels of sugar with increased fiber digestibility over other grasses
  • Medium – Late maturing variety

Toronto Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

  • A very winterhardy variety for long-term pasturing with awesome digestibility

Nabucco Italian Tetraploid Ryegrass

  • Offers quick regrowth, excellent palitability, high energy, and extremely high sugar digestibility

Other Grasses Available

  • Carlton Smooth and Fleet Meadow Bromegrass, Paleton Reed Canary, Meadow Fescue or Festulium
  • Established In 1965.
  • Custom mixes are our specialty at no extra charge.
  • We keep our seed prices at extremely competitive prices by keeping our overhead costs down to a minimum.
  • We contract our own seed production in Western Canada.
  • Our grower contracts exceed government requirements for purity and germination standards.
  • We purchase our Forage genetics from only the top plant breeders in North American.
  • We offer excellent product selection to meet all your forage needs.
  • General Seed is a certified organic establishment.
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